Thursday, May 22, 2014

We have become an Author!


11st 10 (creative anxiety has eliminated most of my body fat); cigarettes 4 (writer's necessity); alcohol units 0 (no nutritional benefits whatsoever); coffee 12 (intravenous, much needed for old age); Vitamins 16 (need to score Glucosamine).


We have become an author! And you can buy my book on Amazon. Like so many other new authors and writers, I am hyping it to the max via traditional and new fangled forms of social media. It has been a bit of a chore. It has gotten in the way of going to the gym, and getting a chest and abs wax.  But the book is done. Now I can think about the next project/s


The cover of Dad's first book


One of the best bits of advice that I came across at the beginning of my life as a "male trailing spouse" was to write a book. The other was to do an MBA. But, apart from remembering girls phone numbers, and ten figure grid references for airstrikes, numbers and quantitative methods of accounting are a wee bit beyond me. Best to avoid numbers. And stick to words instead.


Great reviews for Dad's first novel!


My first book is a work of investigative non-fiction. Not a novel. And thus unlikely to be shortlisted for the Man Booker prize. It is quite an odd thing to be an "author". I don't really feel like one because I am still learning the craftBut, if I get to know my craft, perhaps I can be an artist?


Another piece of good news.  My blog has been going for a year.  I have been a bit slack of late with posts (busy with the book, finishing script for masters in Hollywood) but hope to make amends with weekly installments. In the meantime, go and buy my book on Amazon!